HIIT: The Key to Serious Fat Loss

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Introduction: What is HIIT?

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it’s a technique where you do intense exercise for a fixed amount of time followed by a lower intensity recovery period. You repeat the high and low intensity intervals until you’ve finished your workout, which might be just 20 to 30 minutes long. Talk about efficient.

Since HIIT can be a tough workout, it’s best to do it no more than two or three times a week to allow your body plenty of time to recover. Don’t do it two days in a row.

#fitflyx bodyweight workouts are designed with HIIT in mind—they’re quick, efficient, and burn fat. You’ll do 4-5 sets with only short breaks in between, keeping the intensity high and helping you achieve great results next time you look in the mirror.

How do I do HIIT?

Great news—if you’ve signed up for the #fitflyx challenge, HIIT will be part of your everyday routine for the next four weeks. If you haven’t yet signed up, click here to find out more and sign up now at fitflyx.com. Our high intensity workouts include moves such as jumping jacks, pushups, and burpees.

One of our #fitflyx sets may take you 3-4 minutes, which will get your blood flowing and heart pounding. You’ll follow that with no more than 45-60 seconds of rest before firing up for another set. HIIT is great—it’s super flexible and our bodyweight exercises can be done right at home. No more excuses to avoid the gym!

Scientific Research Showing Effectiveness

Studies have shown that HIIT helps build muscle more effectively than cardio does and it also improves your metabolism. HIIT also burns more fat compared to regular cardio. In addition, it improves your cardiovascular health and your hormone levels.


Be careful when starting out with HIIT, especially if you aren’t already exercising regularly. The idea is to push yourself hard during the high intensity sections but if push past your limits and your body isn’t used to it, you might injure yourself. Just be careful and if you feel a sharp pain at any point stop what you are doing and take a break. Have some water, catch your breath, and make sure you are fully recovered before continuing. Be patient with yourself because your body will adapt and you will be able to push yourself more over time.

Since the high intensity intervals are tough to do, it can be challenging to keep HIIT up over long periods of time. It can give you an edge when it comes to burning fat quickly but it might be most effective when used for no more than two or three months at a time. That’s not an issue with #fitflyx—each challenge is just four weeks long and your body will have plenty of time to reset before the next one. Over the long term try alternating HIIT with regular endurance-based cardio to give yourself a break and give your body exposure to different kinds of training.


The awesome thing about HIIT is that you get great benefits in a short period of time which maximizes the results you will see during the #fitflyx competition. Sign up today and see what a difference it can make!

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